People we love and think you should, too.

Here is a list of some of our favorite people that we follow. If you are sensitive to “adult” language, please be aware that some might offend (which is one of the reasons we love them).

A childless baby gear expert based in NYC is a must follow. Here is Jamie at Baby Guy Gear Guide. If you are just discovering him now – you are welcome!! Follow him on FB for some serious entertainment, too.


You might have heard of The Honest Toddler  after hearing about Jessica Alba’s company going after her for trademark infringement. I personally had to deal with someone suing our company for the very same reason and I am so on Bunmi’s side.

Side note – the company who sued us is out of business now – Karma?


Not necessarily baby related, but all you fashionable moms out there should take a look at Cupcakes & Cashmere. Emily covers many fabulous topics and you will soon find out that she has a crazy budget for clothing.

It may just be that she doesn’t have children yet to chip away at that budget ;)


A place for moms to laugh and vent and gather at Cafe Mom. You might already have a few writers you follow – we do.


As a mother of two teenage girls myself, Stephanie makes me laugh talking about her teens & tween on her blog called Ooph and FB page. She’s also the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Girlfriend’s Soul, which is pretty cool, too!


I originally started following Rage Against the Minivan solely because of the name of her blog. But, the more I read about Kristen and her family, the more I think you should follow her, too!

best family shot 2012[9]

I can’t end this without giving a shout out to my brother who has a pretty amazing travel blog at Go, See, Write. If you love travel, his posts will inspire you… or make you kind of annoyed like me. But, that’s just because he’s my brother and I think that he should take all of us along with him!!


Now go out there and follow them and tell us who you think we should follow.

Have a fabulous week!

Jen Klair

Creative Executive Officer

Jen Klair Kids

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